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Puppy Pricing

We pride ourselves on producing healthy puppies that will provide years of enjoyment for you. These puppies are bred to hunt, but are a joy to have as a pet also. If you know anything about golden's they love to please their masters, retrieve anything they can get their mouth on, and use any idle hand to pat their head! Our golden's are typically medium to dark red and enjoy the water as much as the land.

Our family all join in the efforts to raise puppies that are well socialized. From the very first day they are born we are stimulating their brains by touching them and putting pressure on them. This creates a pet that is used to having their toenails clipped, tolerates the sounds of a typical home like vacuums and kitchen noises, and provides a solid beginning to the introduction of firearm noise.

By 6 weeks of age they will be introduced to birds and will begin to show desire to chase, hunt, and retrieve.

We find great joy in providing your family with years of enjoyment from a Nelson Kennel puppy.

A deposit of $500 is what we require to hold a spot for you to pick a puppy. The total price is $2,500 for males or females. The balance is due upon receipt of a puppy.

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